Mix Designs

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Mix Designs

In this section you can store your mix designs and their evolution over time. The mix design does not keep the “recipe” for your concrete by itself, it represents a goal to achieve and some parameters that usually don’t change. For example, a mix design could be “concrete for pumping with X strength”.

Each mix design is materialized in its Versions: they store the “recipe”, the components and their quantities, that intend to achieve the mix design goals: X kgs of cement and a maximum W/C ratio to achieve the strength, x% of fines for easy pumping, etc.

When you want to modify a “recipe”, the best option is to create a new version for the mix design. This way you’ll have all the changes history and you will be able to analyze the pros and cons of each modification.


1. Mix Designs gadget

You’ll find the Mix Designs gadget in the main menu of the Mix Designs section. The gadget shows at a glance how many mix designs are registered in the active Workgroup, how many versions exist (for all mix designs) and provides two basic functionalities:

    1. Create a new Mix Design: this option creates a new mix design without versions and takes you directly to the Mix Designs section for editing. The new mix design will be selected in the list on the left, which will be unfiltered.
    2. See mix designs: this just opens the Mix Design section. You can achieve the same using the drop-down menu in the navigation bar, or in the corresponding link you’ll find in the upper part of the main R&D Lab screen.


2. Create a new mix design

As you’ve seen before, you can create a new Mix Design using the Mix Designs gadget found in the main menu of the Mix Designs section.

Inside the Mix Designs section you’ll be able to create a new one using the “+” button, which is located on top of the mix designs list. If you can’t find this button, make sure that the mix designs list panel is open.

If there are no mix designs in the list or you have none selected, instead of the mix design data panel you’ll see the same “+” button that allows you to create a new mix design.

When you create a new mix design it barely contains any information, and has no versions. The only information is a standard name and the creation date. You may modify this and any other information of your mix design.

3. Create new versions

Each mix design defines a goal to achieve, and some limits to certain parameters, but doesn’t contain any information about the “recipe” for the concrete. In order to store that information you need to create Versions for each mix design, which will store the information about the quantities of each component, and will allow you to keep track of the evolution of your mix design over time.

To create a new version you must first select a mix design. On the left side of the screen you’ll see the mix designs list and the information of the selected mix design. On the right side you’ll see the versions list for the selected mix design (only for the selected one!) and the detailed information of the selected version.

Creating a new version is as easy as creating a new mix design. With a mix design selected, you’l see a “+” button to create a new version on top of the versions list. If there are no versions or if none is selected, instead of the version information panel you’ll see the same “+” button to create a new one.

The first version that you create for each mix design will be marked as “current” and will have its creation date set. Following versions will only have the creation date set. The version numbering is automatic and it cannot be modified manually.

Each Version is permanently bond to its Mix Design. You cannot create a version for a mix design and then asign it to a different one.

We are creating more tutorials right now, check this page again for updates.

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