iPave Pricing


iPave trial includes

  • 100% functional application
  • 1 month free trial
  • Training database
  • Quick setup without obligation

Quality Control, Raw Materials & Statistics

For only 1,188$ per year per user, follow your production in real time and manage the risk. Create shared databases to exchange data with other users via internet.
Access your data from any computer or device.

$ 99Per month, Taxes not included
$ 25Per month, Taxes not included

Optional: Live Support Subscription

All users have free email technical support within 72 hours.
With this service you get additionnal phone/Skype support within 24 hours.

Manual or automatic renewal

You can choose to renew your subscriptions manually or automatically.

1 month subscription period

Easy & Secure payment

PayPal offers a safe way of making payment by credit card.
Direct payment – no PayPal account needed.
Other payment methods available.

Secure Payment PayPal

How to subscribe

Fill out the form here and choose the preferred option. When subscribing to iPave via PayPal, select the number of months you would like to use the software. Your subscription will be renewed automatically for that period of time. You will receive an access code and an exclusive database will be created for you. All your data will be saved and accessible from different access points, such as your computer or smart phone. You will be able to store, manage and share your information with your team.

If you choose the free trial,  you will be given access to a training data base. The data entered while getting use to iPave will be lost at the end of the trial. A friendly email reminder will be sent to you to inform you that you should proceed with subscription and get your exclusive data base. You will then be able to store, manage and share your information with your team.

Note: in case you already have subscriptions with automatic renewal enabled and you enable automatic renewal for a new one, the date of the next payment will be adjusted for all your subscriptions so they will all be charged in a single payment.

Subscriptions duration

All subscriptions have the same duration: 1 month from the moment you activate them. During this time period you can use the services without any restrictions on quantity or download limits. For optimum peace of mind, you can choose to renew your subscriptions automatically.

After the subscription period ends, you won’t be able to use the functionalities running in the server, such as sharing information within a workgroup.

If a subscription expires or is cancelled, it can be reactivated later without penalty. At the moment of reactivation, you will receive all the information added to the server by your team while you were not subscribed.

Cancellation and refunds

In case you want to cancel your subscription to any of our services, you will be able to do so without additionnal penalties or minimum subscription time. There will be no refunds for cancelled subscriptions.

Use Terms and Conditions

After 3 months of inactivity, cancellation or no renewal, the database will become inactive and the information stored may be unavailable after this period.