The American Way – ACI, ASTM & CSA standards

expert-logoThe American Way is an essential  module that enables custom reports, statistical analysis and mix design methods adapted to ACI, ASTM & CSA standards. This module is part of the Expert plan subscription.

ACI_logoWith The American Way subscription you can print submittal package reports and perform statistical analysis as specified by the American Concrete Institute guidelines.

With this subscription you also gain access to the ACI 211 mix design method (requires Quality Mix subscription).




CSA_logoThe American Way subscription grants you access to CSA specific reports and statistical analysis tools.

Perform the required Deviation, Moving Average and Standard Deviation calculations in seconds and print all the required reports in just one click.

Statistical Analysis

The American Way subscription enables country-specific data analysis tools. Complies with ACI and CSA requirements.

Available statistical analysis tools:

  • ACI 28-days strengths + moving average chart + comprehensive indicators analysis
  • CSA Deviation, Moving Average and Standard Deviation charts for 7-days, 28-days and density
  • Ready to use reports for with all the information you see on screen (tables + charts)



The American Way subscription provides reports for all its features, and adds new reports to the existing options for other sections of the software.

New reports available:

  • ACI & CSA statistical analysis reports
  • Mix design submittal report with project-specific information
  • On-site sampling and testing of concrete report with project-specific information


ACI Mix Design

With The American Way subscription you gain access to Quality Mix’s ACI 211.1 mix design method (requires Quality Mix subscription).

The ACI 211 method features:

  • Mix design according with ACI 211.1 Absolute Volume method
  • American (lb, cu. yd, Psi) or international (kg, m3, MPa) units
  • Automatic checks for all requirements: concrete cover, exposure, cement content, etc.
  • Easy step by step procedure, no need to go into tables or charts yourself
  • Generate and save test batches, and use them to recalculate your mix design


Other features

The American Way subscription includes many improvements that you can find in different sections of the software.

Standard Concrete Types

  • In the Step by Step mix design method you will find the standard ACI & CSA concrete types
  • You can select one to automatically include all the requirements in your mix design process
  • Also provides all the notes included in the corresponding tables


Predefined sieves

  • When creating a new sieve analysis test you can load predefined sieve series with just a couple of clicks
  • Standard sieves with name, size and tolerance
  • Includes ASTM & CSA series for all aggregate sizes
  • Save time and avoid errors!



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ACI 211 Mix Design


CSA Concrete Types inside Step by Step mix design


Predefined sieves series

Disclaimer: Concrete Quality and its partners are not associated with ACI or CSA Group. Images used under the fair use doctrine and linked to their respective websites.

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