Quality Mix – Concrete Mix Design Calculator Software

mixing_chemicalssupervisor-logoQuality Mix is part of the Supervisor subscription plan. It enables powerful mix design calculation methods. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of the software and uses the same database to get its information. This allows you to use all the raw materials information you have already stored to calculate and save your mix designs easily.

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Quality Mix module

icon_stepsThe Step by Step mix design system in Quality Mix guides you throughout the whole mix design process.

Select the concrete type you need, the pouring method available in the site, the slump and the ambient conditions at the time of casting. With this information Quality Mix will recommend a mix design method, as well as other parameters like the water/cement ratio, expected air content, etc.

At the end of the design process you will get the calculation results along with recommendations and warnings to achieve the optimal casting and curing of your concrete.


Step by Step design

einsteinFor mix design experts Quality Mix offers a fast and flexible interface: choose your materials, the design method, set its parameters and start calculating!

The results are calculated in the same way as the Step by Step mode does, but with the Expert Mode you have all your information at a glance.


Expert Mode!


Step by Step results

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