Data Import from Excel

import-datasupervisor-logoEasily import your data from Excel or any other spreadsheet and benefit from a much more powerful tool. In a few minutes generate numerous type of reports and visualize your data from different points of view. This option is part of the Supervisor subscription plan.


Concrete Quality will automatically link all references like batching plants, suppliers, jobsites, etc.

A good QA&QC system requires a ton of information. Information highly important to you and your team. Concrete Quality allows you to import everything you need directly from your regular spreadsheet:

  • Concrete samples with any number of test specimens (for any age)
  • Mix designs with any number of components, using mass or volume units
  • Raw materials and samples, with an unlimited number of tests for each one of them
  • Sieve analysis with any number of sieves and sizes (both metric and imperial units)

You can use the standard templates provided by Concrete Quality to import your data or customize them as wanted. Customizing templates is easy and intuitive.

  • Move, add or remove columns simply by dragging them inside or outside the template.
  • Create new columns for additional information: mix designs components, test specimens, raw materials tests, additional sieves for sieve analysis, etc.

Until now, the most common format to store data is Excel. If you rely on a legacy system that stores data in a different format, it’s very likely that it can export data in CSV (comma separated values) or any other text format compatible with Excel. All you need to do is to export your data into excel first and then import it into Concrete Quality.

If Excel can open it, Concrete Quality can import it!
Tables created in Word and PDF documents are also valid sources.