Data Synchronization

Share information, expertise and backup your data

logo-technicienConcrete Quality is a universal, standard platform for technical information and expertise exchange.

The Technician subscription allows you to share information and expertise with your workgroups, in-house or third parties. You have full access to data synchronization servers and your data is backed-up automatically. Your data is safe and always accessible.

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Connect to Concrete Quality’s servers to share information

  • Synchronize data for all designated users
  • Flexible and intuitive workgroup system
  • Share information in-house or with other companies (suppliers, labs, etc.)
  • No need to buy servers or install special softwares
  • You can work offline and Synchronize when you’re connected



Work offline, share data online

  • Concrete Quality stores your data locally so you can access it anytime, anywhere
  • To share data with other users you perform a Synchronization
  • The Synchronization updates your local data and sends your latest changes to the server so other users’ data is updated as well


No special equipment required

  • You don’t need to set up a server or install other software, we provide all you need
  • Available with your standard internet connection
  • Share information in seconds anywhere in the world
  • Work with a shared database that automatically keeps up to date



Automatic cloud backup

  • Every time you Synchronize an updated copy of your data is created in the server
  • You can retrieve all your data to a new computer if needed


Don’t worry about loss of precious data!


  • Only YOU can access your data
  • All communications are encrypted and double checked for user authentication
  • Transport + message security
  • Cloud server located in a datacenter in the USA
  • Automatic daily backup of the server’s database
  • No limit to how many computers you can use to access your data

Workgroups management

New paradigm: “Workgroups” model
  • Create Workgroups to define what information will be shared
  • Invite users to your Workgroups to define who you share information with
  • All the information contained in a Workgroup is shared automatically with all its members
  • No configuration required
  • Self organizing and fluid model for data access: invite or expel users to grant or deny access
  • Can represent any organizational hierarchy


Total control of information access

  • All users know exactly who has access to their shared information
  • Users have a private workgroup (its data is not shared by default)
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